About us

Birthed in the fiery world of the underground LEO and FIRE patch collecting cult is FIRST RESPONDER EMBLEMS....But seriously none of us collectors are actually cool enough to be part of an underground! What we are is passionate about collecting and preserving law enforcement and fire fighting insignia. That's what this site is about, getting those hard to find patches into collections. By the way, our patches are 100% legit!  Browse our site and see if we can help fill any holes in your collection. If you don't see anything you need check back periodically...We will be adding patches when the boss (wife) allows us to! If you are looking for something in particular, shoot us an email!

Have traders? Shoot us an email with pics of what you have and what you want from us. We collect Los Angeles City and County Agencies.  Just one thing though… If you initiate the trade you gotta send your patch/es first!

When you're done with us check out our partners' sites for trade and purchase opportunities, and to see some awesome collections: